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“… life, literature, and the pursuit of happiness in the famous Troubadour cellar-club, London’s liveliest and best–loved poetry landmark since the 1950s …”

Former US Poet-Laureate Billy Collins on the Troubadour’s 60th birthday as a writer’s café…
           Thanks to the zeal of its many managers and promoters, the Troubadour has evolved over its 60 year history from a hidden-away beatnik coffee house to a world famous center for the performance of music and poetry. Its walls have become storied, and if only the place had halls, they would be hallowed. The Troubadour was the scene of the first reading I gave in the UK, and I count myself among the long line of poets who are eager to return and darken its doorway again.


from Coffee-House Poetry organiser, Anne-Marie Fyfe

Just a note to let you all know that – in line with all those organisations wisely cancelling public events/gatherings – there won’t now be another pop-up #poetrymonday this side of Easter, & events planned for May/June (which I’d mentioned at our recent event but not yet announced via website & newsletter) will be postponed. 
Similarly no more Sunday workshops in the meantime & there won’t be a further Between the Lines evening workshop series in May/June. 

Also Troubadour International Poetry Prize 2020 has been cancelled: we look forward to having Mona Arshi & Mark Doty judge your poems for us at another time.

Alll those who’ve already submitted poems will have their payments refunded via PayPal or cheques returned.
Stay safe, & all best wishes…


mondays 8-10 pm, £7 at the troubadour

for advance booking: pay via PayPal (on readings page) or cheque to Coffee-House Poetry at PO Box 16210, LONDON W4 1ZP

  • mon 10 feb: poems of love & death with US undertaker-poet thomas lynch plus twenty-five troubadour poets with new takes on desire & demise…

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next event

mon 10 feb: poems of love & death with US undertaker-poet thomas lynch plus troubadour poets with new takes on desire & demise…

Love & Death…an unlikely pre-Valentine’s pairing, though both come wreathed in roses, & both, it would seem, are all that poets ever write of: the death of love, a love of death, undying love, dying for love, Eros & Thanatos.

Even The Loved One’s simply a US euphemism for the just-departed, so to headline our slightly un-Valentine-ish theme we welcome back #coffeehousepoetry’s favourite undertaker-poet, Thomas Lynch from Michigan, author of several poetry collections, & of Bodies in Motion & at Rest: On Metaphor & Mortality, The Undertaking: Life Studies from the Dismal Trade, & New & Selected Essays: The Depositions (Norton, 2019). 

Plus great Troubadour poets with their newly-written-for-the-occasion poems of love, death or both! That’s * Ingrid Leonard, Ian McLachlan, Jo Roach, Mark Huband, Heather Moulson, Tim Waller, Lady Poe, Michael Dench, Karen Rydings, Tessa Anslow, Dino Mahoney, Mary Mulholland, Julie-Ann Rowell, Steve Kendall, Karen Littleton, Adam Buckley, Katie Griffiths, Warren Czapa, Caroline Hammond, Mark Chamberlain, Fiona Larkin, Angus Strachan, Michelle Penn, Steve Boorman, Mary Powell, Katarina Grabowsky, Matthew Paul, Jude Vermeulen, Kiran Chitta* & Fran O’Leary

classes & courses

  • advance booking only via PayPal or cheque to Coffee-House Poetry, PO Box 16210, LONDON W4 1ZP
  • tue 14 jan—tue 18 feb, 7—9pm: between the lines, 6-wk close reading & critical masterclass course with cahal dallat
  • sun 19 jan & sun 2 feb, 12—4pm: memory cloud#2: house — the home movie, two-part poetry workshop with anne-marie fyfe
  • thu 27 feb—thu 2 apr, 7—9pm: between the lines#2, new 6-wk close reading & critical masterclass course with cahal dallat
  • sun 1 mar & sun 15 mar, 12—4pm: memory cloud: family montage, poetry workshop with anne-marie fyfe
  • mon 10—sat 15 aug: summer poetry in the glens of antrim with anne-marie fyfe & cahal dallat

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The Troubadour is at 263–267 Old Brompton Road, London SW5.

See www.troubadour.co.uk for details, and our contact page for directions and a map.

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